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Key Cutting & Duplication Services in Dubai

We are known for being the best Key Maker in Dubai. Our services include any sort of key duplication & repairment. Including cylinder lock change, shutter key, aggregate locking for Luggage, and even auto lock systems as well.

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Key Cutting & Duplication Services

Is it a house/office key issue? or a car key issue?



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Steel Key Duplication 25 - 319 AED
Aluminum Key Duplication 25 - 25 AED

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Key duplication - designs 25 - 60 AED

    Please select your preferred choice and quantity from the options below

Readymade key (union , PGC) 25 - 25 AED
Opening doors without key 350 -550 AED
Cylinder lock change 250 -500 AED
Safe key duplication 150-150 AED
Open safe lock without key 150 - 300 AED
Shutter key (round) 58 – 70 AED
Open luggage - combination lock 25 - 100 AED
Gate & Garage remote control 275 - 275 AED
Other 0-0 AED

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Minutes - Key Cutting & Duplication Service Provider in Dubai

We are a professional key cutting and duplication service provider with a team of well-versed technicians who have a vast experience in offering quick and reliable key cutting services. We have been serving the local business and residential community with high-quality services related to door lock replacements and repairs.

At Minutes, we provide key duplication & repairment services such as:

  • Cylinder lock change
  • Shutter key
  • Aggregate locking for luggage
  • Auto-lock systems
  • Safe deposit boxes and lockers
  • Car key programming
  • Cabinet, vehicles key duplication
  • doors keys duplication
  • Residential facilities, and more

  • We strive to make our acclaimed customers happy and satisfied by offering superior key cutting services to protect your valuables, property, and other assets.

    Our Services

    Are you searching for an excellent local key duplication expert? Then, you’re in the right place. Minutes helps you boost your security with the most advanced tools and techniques. We also offer key cutting and duplication services with the same quality as your original and lost keys.

    Our key cutting services include:

  • Damaged locks repair
  • Non-operational locks replacement
  • Unlocking during emergencies
  • Smart locks and new locks installation
  • Master key making
  • Sliding door locks
  • Garage locks, Locking system maintenance
  • Fencing gate locks
  • Installation of high security locks

  • Minutes provide solutions for all kinds of key related issues for commercial, residential, and vehicular issues. We have highly-experienced locksmith technicians who are just a call away to serve your purpose on site. We can help you avail our services any time, round the clock.

    Check out what Minutes has to offer when it comes to key cutting:

    Advanced Machinery

    Our highly experienced experts use state-of-the-art machinery and provide precise and authentic key cutting.

    Guaranteed Quality

    Every key that we provide our customers undergoes strict quality tests and checks to ensure they work continuously without hassles.

    Fast Cutting Process

    At Minutes, our extensive range of tools helps key cutting accurately while waiting in our store.

    Same Day Locksmith Service

    We are available full-time to provide efficient locksmith services, and you need not worry about getting a spare key immediately.

    Competitive pricing

    Our price ranges are highly affordable, and we offer doorstep services to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Specialist Keys

    Minutes offers you specialist security keys to handle emergencies.

    Save your Money with First-rate & Secured Locks!

    At Minutes, we provide distinguished key cutting points with attractive and functional products that will significantly impact for a long time. In addition, we offer basic and advanced key duplication services and impart professionals with in-depth training in various sectors of the locksmithing business.

    Our expert key cutters at Minutes have vast experience in maintaining the orders of small to medium businesses and larger organizations. We use the latest key cutting equipment and understand our customers well to assure fulfilment in their journey with us.

    Call Now: 800-6468837