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Shoe Repair Services in Dubai

Minutes Quick Shoe Fixing in Dubai is known to be one of the most reliable and durable shoe repair service ever. Our services include any sort of damage repair and replacement for anything on your shoes. Including Shoe restoration, polishing and coloring.

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Estimated Price

Buckle replacement 30 - 60 AED
Elastic change 30 - 50 AED
Gluing 25 - 60 AED
Half leather heel replacement 70 - 90 AED
High heel tip replacement 40 - 70 AED
Leather heel replacement 130--170 AED
Leather insole replacement 50 - 60 AED
Leather sole replacement 120 - 140 AED
Long boots polishing 40 - 50 AED
Medical Shoe Implementation (1.1 Cm To 2.5 Cm) 260 - 290 AED
Medical Shoe Implementation (2.6 Cm To 3.5 Cm) 310 - 350 AED
Medical Shoe Implementation (More Than 3.5 Cm) 350 - 380 AED
Medical Shoe Implementation (Up To 1 Cm) 150 - 180 AED
Rivet replacement 25 - 40 AED
Rubber heel replacement 60 - 80 AED
Rubber sole replacement 70 - 100 AED
Shoe cleaning 50 - 500 AED
Shoe colouring - black 130 - 150 AED
Shoe colouring - brown 130 - 180 AED
Shoe polishing 25 - 50 AED
Shoe velcro changing 30 - 70 AED
Stitching 25 - 60 AED
Stretching 40 - 50 AED
Zipper fixing 100 - 180 AED
other 0 - 0 AED

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Minutes: Dubai's Best Shoe Repair Service Provider

We are one of the most renowned shoe repairing chains in Dubai. With us, you can base your trust on getting nothing but quality delivered at the right time. At Minutes, we ensure to make the shoe repairing process as smooth, easy, and quick as possible for all our customers.

We understand that your shoes can be one of your most loved and prized possessions, which is why we take charge to fix them up with extreme care.

We provide the best shoe repair services, such as

  • Buckle replacement
  • Elastic change
  • Gluing
  • Stitching
  • Stretching
  • Zipper Fixing
  • Shoe coloring - black
  • Shoe coloring - brown
  • Medical Shoe Implementation (1.1 Cm To 2.5 Cm)
  • Medical Shoe Implementation (More Than 3.5 Cm)
  • Medical Shoe Implementation (More Than 3.5 Cm)
  • Medical Shoe Implementation (Up To 1 Cm)
  • Rubber heel replacement
  • Rubber sole replacement
  • Half leather heel replacement<
  • High heel tip replacement
  • Rivet replacement
  • Shoe cleaning
  • Shoe Velcro changing
  • Shoe polishing
  • Long Boots Polishing
  • Leather insole replacement
  • Leather sole replacement
  • Leather heel replacement

  • Local Shoe Repair Service, Dubai

    At Minutes, we help you save and keep your expensive shoes as new as possible over the years by delivering quality and timely maintenance. We do repairing and maintenance for all types of shoes. In addition, we offer services of modern yet updated craftsmanship techniques at the most affordable price

    Check out what Minutes has to offer when it comes to shoe repair services:

    All Brands Of Shoes Repaired

    We offer repair for all kinds of shoes, including- leather shoes, leather boots, boot zippers, sports shoes, formal shoes, casual shoes, cowboy boots, shoe heels, and more.

    Customer Specific

    We replace the damaged parts of the shoe with new ones, thus making our service more genuine.

    Reasonable Price

    We offer a very reasonable cost for repairing any shoes.

    Timely Delivery

    Our primary goal is to deliver your possessions in the right form serving their purpose with care and perfection.

    100% Customer Satisfaction

    We not just provide repairing services but 100% customer satisfaction to our valuable clients.

    Utilizing Modern Tools

    Our team of expert cobblers repairs the shoes by employing different modern tools to deliver the best finish to your most prized possession.

    Come on in; we're waiting!

    Our technicians at Minutes are passionate about their work, and this passion is evident in every repair they make. Since we treat every shoe with the same care and attention we do for our own, we're the best in the business. We approach each repair as a valuable rendition to be done.

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